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(49049) 85, Namhangseo-ro, Yeongdo-gu, Busan, Korea, Rm 309,

CS energy has business network based on the trust and acquired permission of ship refueling business in the whole port in Korea. CS energy made a contract of retail store with SK energy, Hyundai oil bank, GS caltex. C.S(Customer Satisfaction) energy is what you can unconditionally rely on.

Also it feels the necessity of energy development to substitute the oil and go through new and renewable energy area on November,2015. Additionally it come up to eco green energy company like to its motto. CS energy Inc is going to have a key part as green energy company now and for ever, and present the future vision jumping up to be a native and foreign supreme energy company to do its best customer satisfaction through research and development etc.


  • SPP
  • Hyundai Oilbank
  • SK energy
  • GS


ISO 14001 로고 이미지
ISO 14001
ISO 9001 로고 이미지
ISO 9001

60 Ports

  • South Busan, SOUTH KOREA
  • Pusan, SOUTH KOREA
  • Busan, SOUTH KOREA